Bee and Her

from by Anawan



I have a dead cut left in my backdrop
Covering wires, decomposed plank piles
Cradling displaced light it has allowed.

And pausing production, hosted on sprung floors,
I take surrender. I am a turtle,
Not peering through that hole, not finding out.

And she is a ladle, she is a keeper,
I am a beehive, she is a rabbit.

Her naked paw found a nest between the wood.
Paused samurai raise to kamikaze on the approaching raid.
Stung by their test, she races to the stage.
Flailing, she pounces upon my back.
Starved calcium flakes and cracks.

What is a turtle without its marrow?
What is a keeper without it's control?


from Soft Wings, released March 20, 2012
w/ Michael Chinworth, Jess Green, Will Lulofs, Eliza McKelway




Trevor Wilson North Carolina

Experimental pop music, centered around heavy vocal harmonies. Recently re-located to Western NC from Brooklyn NY.

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