from by Anawan



On the street on which my home
crouches, perched, happily gesturing to traffic
Oh, my breathing slows there.

Right away, at the end of the road,
When I round the bend, leaving that friend,
The debris of home scatter throughout my mind.
They appear like curious chestnuts in fall,
And the shadow of the trees that keep this road so remote also
Harbor the debris, harbor the debris,
Clutching them in their thick, spiny leaves.

And when their claws retract,
Freeing the debris-

It takes one day to fall and a week to decompose
One day to fall and a week to decompose
One day to fall, or it may progress to
Roll on the street and be crushed to expose
the oily fruit within.


from Soft Wings, released March 20, 2012
w/ Jess Green, Will Lulofs, Eliza McKelway, and Alice Tolan-Mee.




Trevor Wilson North Carolina

Experimental pop music, centered around heavy vocal harmonies. Recently re-located to Western NC from Brooklyn NY.

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